Pink Rage

You know what it’s like after a hard day playing at the childminders – sometimes you get home and you just want to kick back and relax with 5ml of Calpol. Hardly an unreasonable request, right? Especially as I have three teeth coming through at the same time. AT THE SAME TIME.

Mummy had already attacked them with Ambersol, which I usually don’t mind, but the three evil teeth were particularly evil this evening and medicine was required. Mummy agreed and I eagerly welcomed the syringe full of the beautiful pink stuff. Take that, pesky teeth.

But you know what she did next? She only went and put the medicine away! Cruel wench! She tried to explain to me that apparently I can’t have too much as it will hurt my tummy, but as far as I was concerned, if I couldn’t play with that beautiful glass bottle {and maybe throw a little on the floor} then it was game over.

Number one rule of toddlerdom – when faced with something you don’t like, just throw yourself on the floor in a dramatic fashion. I’ve seen my older brother do it and I’ve secretly been practicing for moments like this. I buried my head in my arms, too, you know, for a little added drama…a move which I am particularly proud of. I had to keep peeking up every now and then, just to make sure mummy was watching {which she was} and then I whipped my head back down again, to resume this fabulous tantrum pose, which I hereby name weeping badger.

Weeping Badger - watch and learn...

Weeping Badger – watch and learn…


Annoyingly mummy stood her ground and wouldn’t give the bottle back. Stubborn as a mule, that woman. And to add insult to injury, she tried to cuddle me. And I was like, “Er, hello? Trying to have an epic meltdown here…” Honestly!

With weeping badger clearly not having the desired effect, I thought I would open and bang shut the kitchen cupboard door, just to make my point…but I watched on in horror as my furious effort to slam it closed resulted in a slow, smooth sweeping action, thereby totally undermining my depth of fury – damn you stupid self-closing cupboard hinges.

She eventually won me over with bottle of milk {which I’m sure she laces with vitamins, but am yet to prove this} and we headed up to bed. As I was getting changed into my pyjamas, I made sure I had a strategic wee, perfectly executed between my old nappy coming off and the clean one going on – a final silent protest.

As soon as I was snuggled up with her, bunny in one hand and muzzy in the other, my pink rage melted away and all was forgiven. I’d rather have mummy over Calpol any day…just don’t tell her I said that.


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