Who Am I?

IMG_9179Hurrah, you’ve found me! I’m Little Monkey, I’m 18 months old and this is my blog.

Mummy doesn’t know I write it, but it’s my special place where I can document all of the weird and wonderful things I’m discovering on this crazy journey through childhood. People think kids are strange, but I’m realising that you adults are pretty quirky yourselves, aren’t you?

I love exploring, playing with mummy’s hairdryer, climbing, chasing our two cats and having fun. I hate sitting still, the swings and strawberries. I also have an older brother who is four – he’s pretty funny and makes me laugh a lot. He will sometimes make guest appearances on this blog, as he’s got a few years experience on me and can do really cool things, like put his shoes on all by himself.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Little Monkey x

p.s Shhh, this is a secret blog, you know!



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